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apparecchiature per controllo dell'alimentazione elettricaIREM produces manufactures electronic and electromechanical equipment for power supply: offers a wide range of devices that improve the quality of the power supply used by professional users susceptible to anomalies of distribution networks. A wide range of devices is nowadays available to improve the power supply quality and ensure the best protection to professional equipment highly sensitive to electrical disturbances. As a matter of fact, any equipment needs a correct powering to ensure its performance. When this condition is not complied with, there are failures, errors and premature ageing. To protect sensitive equipment, it is possible to have recourse to several devices which ensure different levels of effectiveness. The choice should be made by assessing the degree of protection required, the size of failures and the direct and indirect costs these may cause.

  • Electrodynamic voltage stabilizers single and three phase;
  • Electronic and  electro-dynamics conditioners, single and three phase;
  • Frequency converters;
  • Uninterruptible power system;
  • Single and three phase isolation transformers;
  • Power regulator for test bench on specific request;
  • Energy economizers.

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