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Representation Services for companies that want to sell in Italy

Davide Comastri is an Industrial Representative in relation with multiple manufacturers. This kind of agent is a very helpful support for the industrial entrepreneur. The industrial representative has the task of generating interest among customers and act as a bridge between suppliers and potential users of the equipment.

He offers business consulting, assuming the task of establishing business contacts between brands and clients. The stable relationship between the enterprise and the business agent is without subordination bond, and based on a specific agency contract.

Main operating areas

Davide Comastri  generally operates in the North-east area of Italy: Emilia-Romagna and Veneto, but he can work also in other areas of Italy according to the companies needs.

Advanced management tools

  • Answering service 9am – 8pm available all day for any commercial request
  • CRM: contacts and companies management and calendar with advanced services
  • Meetings and visits to customers to generate interest and make offers

Search for new customers through

  • WEB PRESENTATION: in the website you can find product cards in different languages to increase the products visibility
  • PROSPECTING: information collection to better identify the application sector of the products
  • LEAD GENERATION: creation of a qualified database of the customers
  • CALL MARKETING: through direct contacts it is possible to study the market and generate interest in the customers

Special collaborations are possible for the widespread and advertising of strategic products.

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Main fields

  • Automotive, electronics
  • Mechanics, oleo-dynamics and industrial automation
  • Packaging and assembly machinery
  • Test benches and measurement


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